Course Syllabus [Duration: 1 Year]
Jewelry technology courses are practice-intensive and require that you develop skills progressively throughout the semester. Regular and punctual class and laboratory attendance is expected of all students.
Industrial Professional Foundation in Jewellery Design - [4 academic months]
• Computer-aided Design for Metal and Jewellery

• Form and Inspiration for Metals and Jewellery

• Rendering for Metals and Jewellery

• Survey of Asian Art

• Conceptual to Creation for Product Design

• Design for the WWW
Industrial Professional Certificate in Jewellery Design - [4 academic months]
• Design and Fabrication

• Applied Creative Thinking to Actual Product

• Wax Technique Fabrication

• Metal Casting and Production

• Fine Jewellery forming

• Video & Social Design
Industrial Professional Diploma in Jewellery Design & Master Modeling - [4 academic months]
• Professional Practices in Branding Management

• Display and Packaging Design

• E-Commerce & E-Marketing

• Press & Showcase Presentation [Jewellery Model Fashion Show]

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Precision Casting Process

Jewelry casting; the lost wax process: The investment casting process, extensively used for the production of jewels.


Refinishing & QC Process

Assembling jewellery pieces: Jewelry assembling & quality control by expert factory auditors


Stone Setting Process

Secure gemstones into jewelry: The Setting Type refers to the metal base that holds a gemstone or diamond in place.


Laser Marking Process

Jewelry laser marking & engraving: Laser engraving process capable of laser marking, engraving or etching rings, bracelets and bangles.

If you're a first-time jewelry designer trying to navigate the jewelry world, it's important to understand the manufacturing process.

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